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Spray Tanning

Full Body - Allow 15 Minutes - £22

Half Body - Allow 15 Minutes - £16

Face and Neck - Allow 15 Minutes - £12


Takes only minutes, lasts for days. - Please note that skin must be clean and free from any body lotion. No deodorant, perfume, jewellery or make-up to be worn. Wear loose dark clothing and do not have contact with water for at least 4 hours after application. Spray tans performed on pregnant clients are not recommended as the tan can sometimes not settle. We use LA Tan's range of concentrated spray tan solutions as they are best we have worked with for the last 20 years.

Please note that any hair removal treatments must be done at least 24 hours before a spray tan.


We also stock HeShi instant self-tan which includes liquid bottles, glitter highlighting gels and full home tan kits. The tan that everyone is talking about!

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