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GDC Expert Labs Chemical Peel

Introducing Expert Lab Chemical Peels from Germaine De Capuccini.

Expert lab chemical peels integrate an effective system of treatments of superficial abrasion or chemical peeling of professional use with pharmaceutical high quality.


A dynamic, safe, and effective tool capable of improving the texture and quality of all skin types, rejuvenating their appearance and eliminating imperfections.

Offering a specialised, simple and versatile range including S-25 Salicylic, M-40 Mandelic, P-40 Pyruvic & AOX Lactobionic peel solutions, Expert Lab treats each skin type or problem: ageing, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles & flaccidity:

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Personalised GDC Chemical Peel - £75 - Allow 60 Minutes

Our expert therapists will perform a consultation and skin analysis on the day of your treatment to determine the most suitable combination of Expert Lab Peel solutions and serums to administer in treatment.

Course of Personalised GDC Chemical Peel - £225- Includes GDC Daily SPF & Intense Relief Moisturiser worth over £100

Course of peels will be designed and scheduled to suit your individual skin needs, usually treatment spacing will be 1 peel every 2 to 4 weeks depending on which solution is selected.

Before & Afters


Treatment Advice



This treatment is not suitable if you have any of the following conditions:


  • Pregnancy

  • Cancer

  • Severe or active acne

  • Active facial herpes

  • Heart Problems

  • Using Roaccutane, Anticoagulants or treatments that produce hypersensitivity

  • Recent use of Retinols (within last 7 days)

  • Botox/anti-wrinkle injections, fillers or laser treatment (within last 4 weeks)


Pre-Care Advice:


In the weeks leading up to your treatment, stop using the following products & treatments:


  • 5 weeks – Avoid using aggressive or irritating products 5 weeks before treatment.

  • 3-4 weeks – Avoid peel treatments of similar characteristics up to 3-4 weeks before your treatment.

  • 24 Hours – Do no depilate or shave the area 24 hours before your treatment.

  • 24 Hours – Do not expose skin to the sun 24 hours before your treatment.


After-Care Advice


Immediately after treatment:

  • Do not depilate the treated area until the skin is normalised.

  • Use only cosmetics recommended by your professional therapist.

  • Avoid touching the face and do not pull any skin that may be desquamating.

  • Use SPF30-50 daily, depending on environmental conditions, skin needs, and level of protection necessary.


In the period following your treatment:

  • 30 mins – With advice, make-up may be applied after 30 minutes i.e. Excel Therapy O2 CC Cream.

  • 24 Hours – Do not carry out intense physical exercise for 24 hours following your treatment.

  • 1 Week – Avoid direct sun exposure & swimming for 1 week.

  • 1 Week – Avoid hands-on facial treatments for 1 week after your treatment.

  • 2 Weeks – No heated treatments (steam room, sauna etc) for at least 2 weeks.

  • 4 to 6 Weeks – Do not begin Microneedling treatments less than 4-6 weeks from your peel.


If you have any concerns regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us.

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