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Advanced Skin Tightening Treatment

Using advanced aesthetic technology this amazing treatment delivers lasting wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and facial rejuvenation in just 6 treatments (over a 3-4 month period).


Developed by BTL Aesthetics, a leading skin care technology research company, the Protégé Elite system is a unique monopolar radiofrequency device that delivers specialised, safe electrical energy to the skin. A grounding pad, usually placed on your back during the treatment, ensures safe delivery of the radiofrequency.


During treatment, radiofrequency energy flows from the treatment tip to the skin, warming the skin to approximately 42 to 44 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, collagen and elastin undergoes structural changes. Over a period of weeks (and up to 3-4 months) following each treatment, new collagen and elastin growth is encouraged, leading to a significant improvement in skin texture, laxity, fine lines and wrinkles.

Please note that for the treatment to work correctly we recommend that clients book a course rather than a single treatment. This is to encourage the best results. It's imperative that clients lead as healthy as lifestyle as possible during the treatment schedule, again to ensure the best results. Most importantly, clients must be well hydrated before each treatment.

Full Face – allow 120 minutes  – £160 or Course of 6 for £815

The full face course offers the most effective treatment option as all areas are tightened & rejuvenated.

Half Face – allow 90 minutes - £120 or Course of 6 for £615

Choose between upper or lower facial areas, the lower face option also includes the neck area.

​​Neck & Jawline – allow 60 mins - £80 or Course of 6 for £400

Focused treatment on the neck & jawline.

All of our Protege treatments can be booked as a course of 6 which includes a discount off the list price. Also, once you've had a full course of Protege we offer any additional top up treatments with a 20% discount.

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